3 misused modern marketing strategies

December 4, 2020

1. Company Websites

One of the most common issues that I see with companies is their website. More specifically, the design, usability, and functions on a company's website. Websites have only been used for so long, but from the start to the present, plenty of things have changed. When a consumer gets on your company's website, everything should be easy to find. Many companies have too much information cluttering the screen. Too much information, while it is descriptive, is a major turn-off for a customer. Customers want simplicity. 

Websites should be fairly basic compared to what many believe. Your main goal as a business with a website should be to clearly convey how you can benefit the customer. Your homepage is where your business should relay the basic benefits that your company offers. What is the primary purpose of your product or service? What do you hope to accomplish with your customer? What makes your company different than others? These are all great questions to answer when creating a home page.

Other pages on your website should be the ones that go into further detail. Take, for example, the Drabe Media homepage. Nothing on the homepage has to do with prices. Nothing mentions the specific service packages that we offer. Rather, we explain what we can do for our customers. Any descriptive details that customers need to know are found on the product page, keeping the homepage simple, easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eye of the user.

2. Social Media

Many companies also lack in their social media presence, which is perhaps the best modern marketing tool. At this day and age, one of the most important aspects of marketing your business is having a strong presence on social media, as it keeps your business at the front of the majority of young individuals' minds. Where most companies lack in their social media presence, truthfully, is the lack of having a social media account. A countless number of small businesses simply do not have social media accounts, missing out on the opportunity to connect with many potential customers and clients.

Some companies that do have some sort of social media presence may also lack in execution of running the account. Obviously, the key to running a social media page is to be... social. In order to do so, you must be active, posting regularly, interacting with potential consumers, and informing yourself of what is popular, so that you can adapt to your market. It's no small task, but having a strong social media presence can provide immense benefits to your business.

3. Email Marketing

Many companies already employ some sort of email marketing system. You know, the ones that go straight to your SPAM folder? Or, more likely, you don't know because you never actually see them. This is yet another misuse of modern marketing tools. Although email marketing is not as widely talked about, it is a very successful tool to connect with potential clients, if done correctly. The goal is to keep your emails personal, attractive, and visible in the main inbox. Having an effective email marketing system is essential to reaching untouched clients, in the age of individuals moving on from snail mail.

This article was written by Ryan Devito.